To re-enter evolution is to accept death…

by Antonio Dias

To re-enter evolution, to abandon the rush towards extinction, is to accept death.

But not death at the side of the road. Not death as a by-product of mechanistic destruction.

Death accepted as a phase of life.

Such death has purpose. It has meaning. It is not annihilation. It is not the end of life.

Refusing death on life’s terms is to strive after mega-death, the oblivion of widespread, organized extinction. Not by accident, but as a direct result of our refusal.

Wonder where the power behind our denial comes from?

From our refusal to accept death. From the bargain made to conspire to cheat one form of death through an illusion, a death that is an illusion, in favor of a real and silent ending: extinction spread across the earth and giving us the only power we can aspire to, the power to destroy.

I do not experience death.

There is no I.

There is no experience:

A series of perceptions that can be remarked upon in memory; of death, for any organism.

Such a conception is illusion piled upon illusion. It is central to the incoherence of thought.

It also drives our resistance to give up on a failed conception, even in the light of all its terrible consequences as they unfold about us.

To accept this, while still under Ego’s dominion, would be to identify its extinction, the end of an illusion, with our own.

From the off-balance-pose we are contorted into by Ego’s dominion, we are incapable of making the adjustments needed. Adjustments of attitude and realizations of our proprioception that may lead us out of such a profound error.

All we see are our terrors, the fears that bind us to habitual reactions, that leave us unable to see for our selves.

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