What does “Not business as usual” look like?

by Antonio Dias


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t look like movements.

Or advertisements for money making ventures.

I don’t think it means continuing to complain about how bad everything is and then remaining within assumptions just because, well, “Why should I have to change? It’s them that are wrong!”

So, what do I think it looks like?

It looks like finding one’s center. It looks like using strength gained in this way to face the unknown and not be in a rush to make it look familiar.

It looks like confronting the incoherence of thought and our general lack of proprioception.

It doesn’t look like anything familiar, but at the same time it doesn’t look that much different. It’s not a pose.

It doesn’t have an image.

It resides in each of us as we find it and it is recognizable when we meet.

Or so is the hope….

At this point one of the few hopes that isn’t a delusional fantasy.

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