Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in a few days…

… mostly in a single night.

In it we find the yet unborn Twentieth Century – and its long tail, cracking like a whip over us even now. No need for any more warnings than that. By then others had already begun to populate dystopias and pronounce prophecies: Milton, ….

What if a culture could absorb such lessons as they arrived?

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What is at the root of our crisis of leadership?

We expect a leader to “play the part.”

Anyone caught-up in roles has nothing to offer us in our predicament.

Facing our predicament requires that we embrace uncertainty and set-aside the doing-things-twice role playing forces upon us. Someone acting in this way just does not, “Look like a leader.”

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long term effects of emotional abuse:

  • a distrust in your perceptions
  • a tendency to be fearful or on guard
  • self-consciousness or fear of how you are coming across
  • an inability to be spontaneous
  • a distrust of people and in future relationships
  • anger that bursts out unexpectedly
  • sensitivity to anyone trying to control you

This list appeared in my Tumblr feed. The link to its poster went no-where….

So thanks to the gods of the web.

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We fall for lies because we want to be told what can’t possibly be true.

This formulation came to me recently. Shouldn’t be much of a surprise why lies might come into focus these days….

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Build new cities?

We tend to think the concentration camp was something that came out of World War II. If we’re a bit more versed in western history we might think of the Boer War, or even the American Civil War….

But what is a concentration camp? How is it materially different from a city?

Perhaps not a Polis, but by the time we get to early modernity cities have existed as a place where refugees from a broken countryside concentrate.

Today we have plenty of refugees. We have refugee camps. We have cities metastasizing into mega-slums.

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