By the time…

By the time we add in the complications and machinations of media it is damn impossible to know what is going on.

Some call it Marketing 3.0….

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The Space We Need

Art school was where I learned that success was a trap. How limited my teachers were. Experts. Hemmed in by reduction. It would take thirty-five years for this to sink in. Not surprising if you consider the trajectory of the intervening decades, beginning with the height of their positions at the time. The accumulated authority they wielded. And, ending with the present transparency of endemic bankruptcy visible in every sphere. Easy to have doubted the lesson then. Hard to ignore it now.

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George Michelsen Foy’s Finding North

Is disaster… always envisioned geographically, is it always navigational in the deepest sense?

Finding North, page 22

George Michelsen Foy asks this question early on in his extended ruminations in the form of a record, a log of a voyage. We join him on a quest woven of varied lineaments gathered over decades, facing questions ranging from the intimate and familiar to the latest discoveries of neuroscience. He takes us on a trail of discovery into the circumstances of his ancestor’s loss in a shipwreck that has haunted him throughout his life shaped by echoes of this event handed down in family lore and expectation. He’s found how this event has influenced the course of his life, his concerns, and even shaped his reactions to danger. Foy takes us through time and across space as he navigates our passage through what it means to navigate.

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The fantasy of control

So long as we keep expecting that what funnels through public discourse are choices that lead to results we are stuck in the nightmare fantasy of control.

Brexit. Trump versus Clinton. All of the day’s public questions are mired in manipulations. We remain complicit so long as we feel we must make the choice our habitual role leads us to see as unavoidable. We eagerly hyperventilate. We burn with hatred for the other side, “How can they be so stupid, venal – plain wrong?”

We’re asked to play the game as we’re warned, “This isn’t a game!” By those who are certain that if we abandon our place on the barricades, “Everything will go wrong!”

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Security & Well-being

It’s a common expression. We consider the two must go together, “How can we feel good if we’re not secure?”

Here’s John‘s recent comment on An Exploration, Navigating Without a Map:

Tony, I have read and re-read your original posting, and I think I have a better grip on where you are going with it. Qualitative v.s. quantitative differences are different as night and day. They are tangible v.s. intangible. Rational v.s. irrational.

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