Addiction & Creativity

Addiction is getting stuck. Seeking relief from suffering instead of perceiving proprioception, we chase a form of release. It is temporary. Its effects lessen each time we resort to it. Our connection to clarity of perception – including a lived sense of its limits – weakens. Repetition digs us deeper.

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So much that is irrelevant…

How do we move beyond rebellion?

Implicit in this question – if it is to be anything but futile – is another,

How do we keep from cycling back around? Only to end up that much further down the same barren path?

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Cause & Effect

The greatest difficulty when we turn our attention on something like Cause & Effect comes from the astounding inertia of conditioned assumptions. To make a case that Cause & Effect is an illusion is to put one frail voice up against thousands of years of common sense. This is why it’s so important to sort out futility from what is merely difficult.

Continuing to attempt to sort out the world’s problems by navigating Cause & Effect is futile. Clarifying our bankrupt assumptions is merely difficult.

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Approaching Conscience?

Perhaps a way to shed light on where this track is heading is to introduce conscience.

We think of conscience as the internal touchstone for an externally directed morality. There is a superstructure of Good & Evil and conscience is where this battle is joined inside each of us.

This conception of conscience covers any form of rebellion against it. A “Bad Conscience” is still of this form. Even if we take it on as an attempt to break from an established morality.

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It’s Learning…

It is learning!

Once we stop thinking of learning as the product of teaching, as an accumulation of knowledge, data, information; we can begin to look at what it is.

Learning is how we remain open in the face of conditioning. It involves deciding without making judgments – to mangle Alan Watts.

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