In the Meantime…

It’s been too long since my last post.  That’s a common refrain on many blogs, I’m afraid, with haunting echoes of the confessional?  Life intrudes, inspiration wanes, there can be many causes.  Let me bring you up-to-date on my situation.

Over the last weeks I’ve completed a short story.  I’m considering the best way to include excerpts from my fiction here, whether as written posts or as podcasts, read aloud.  Any ideas?  I’ve also been deep into editing Pathtree’s upcoming book.  While I’ve continued to have ideas for posts here, I’ve had less and less time to devote here.  It’s simply a matter of triage.

In the meantime, this other work will influence future posts.  I’m committed to this enterprise.  The manner, and matter, of what ends up here will evolve as a result of these other projects.

In the meantime, I’ve suffered the loss of a close friend.  Rob Wigsten, 48, the father of two teenage girls, passed away after a long illness.  He was a good friend.  He taught us all so much.  He is missed.  I hope to write more about him sometime….

Losing a friend, embarking on a new endeavor, looking at immense changes of all kinds looming; all this points to our common need to come together, decide what’s important to us, and act on our decisions.  These are, and will continue to be, constant themes throughout this journal.

In the meantime, forgive my silences, and the brevity of this post.

While we’re here, remember, any and all comments are not only welcome, but will do much to move us forward.  Add a comment, or send an e-mail.  While you’re at it, pass the link on to anyone you think might be interested.  It’s the best way for this circle to grow.

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Published by Antonio Dias

My work is centered on attending to the intersection of perception and creativity. Complexity cannot be reduced to any given certainty. Learning is Central: Sharing our gifts, Working together, Teaching and learning in reciprocity. Entering into shared Inquiry, Maintaining these practices as a way of life. Let’s work together to build practices, strengthen dialogue, and discover and develop community. Let me know how we might work together.

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