I was attempting to explain what I was doing with this blog to an old friend, from “among the English.” – It’s funny how that Amish term feels so appropriate, while also personally kind of backwards, as I have more Dark Mountain friends in Great Britain than here….

He  asked me about “my business model.”

As this blog has passed a milestone the last few days: passing one thousand page views per month, more than a doubling since before May. – It’s also funny to be celebrating “Growth!” just like any heedless happy modern….

Unable as I am, to begin from scratch explaining how I find his pragmatism misplaced; unwilling to blurt out that looking for “profit” will end badly, and perhaps soon; not wanting to sound like a prophet crying out for repentance, or a mad-man too easy to dismiss; trying to explain myself; I hit on the image of an old Morse Code signal, “I’m tapping out a message, letting whoever’s out there know where I am, and hoping to find anyone who can hear me, and is willing to tap back….

Thank you for “listening.” I look forward to “hearing” from you too.


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