Nuclear Jitters

This is how the machine closes ranks. Dwight Towers, my friend On the Beach in Australia, commented on the contempt within the pro-nuclear position. It’s the Apotheosis of the contempt that riddles the reductivist world-view. Perhaps also the epitaph for our Age, as we snuff-out with the greatest possible “FUCK YOU!” on our lips aimed at even the slightest chance that anyone, any living thing, might survive us. Discounting the very idea of our impermanence, that we, or our structures might not last forever; we have salted the earth with packets of lingering destruction which will continue to kill and twist and atrophy anyone who might resist their power for tens of thousands of years.

Last year it seemed we’d be “remembered” as the creators of a blackened boundary layer etched into the geological record as the remnants of our plastic pellets mingled with the undersea “gushers” of this “Drill, Baby Drill!” season decayed over the next few million quiet years, marking this Our Great Extinction. This year it appears our network of truly Promethean active and “spent” nuclear fuel-rods will ice the cake with a guttering clicking of radioactive decay if anyone or anything ever encounters our layer.

If this contempt for the future were not complete enough, perfect enough in its efficiency, we cannot leave it, this monolith to over-simplification, without piling on supreme contempt for ourselves, each other, and the world as it is. The icing on this cake is all there in this phrase, “Nuclear Jitters.”

Do any of us show any glimmer of intuitive self-preservation? Do we feel the slightest twinge of shame at what is being done in our name? Our betters, our owners, will spread the word via their organs of propaganda, “That’s just nuclear jitters!”

The cocktail of fear, hatred, pride, and contempt that led them to “excel,” to reach the positions of power and influence they now “enjoy,” gives them no flexibility to arrive at any other conclusion. The bully’s taunt has always been this way, a ridicule for any regard outside or beyond their limited scope. A threat, and a promise, that they will use their ruthlessness to make those who resist pay, no matter what the consequences. The sign of their willingness to destroy us all to maintain their “sacred” illusion of control.

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