Things Out-of-Place

Oil spills, nuclear accidents, we’re talking about things out-of-place. We assume the derailment is in the accident when the intended “use” of the oil or the radioactive isotope is broken and they leave their “normal” pipeline or containment.

This is a horrible misreading of the truth. The action that put these elements out-of-place was their initial wresting from their geologic abode in the insistence to risk-all and unleash whatever havoc “necessary” to bend them to our will.

The artistic impulse at its basis is the urge to fit, to celebrate and focus our attention on what fits, and to warn of what is out-of-place. The disaster isn’t the spill or the incident, it is the “exploitation” of “our” “resources.”

Feeling bad about an “accident” – even if the perpetrators could manage the empathy required for such a reaction, or if any claim for lack of precedent did allow room for surprise – the true horror is when it all “goes according to plan.”

It’s like grieving over a train wrecked on its way to Auschwitz.


7 thoughts on “Things Out-of-Place

    1. I do, except…. I’ve been losing my taste for our current fascination with ironic humor. It seems to have passed the point where: 1. We need it since there is no other way to bring up such hurtful subjects. and 2. That by being ironical we are doing anything but re-establishing our desire for distance from the consequences.

      There is “Gallows humor,” but the current crop of irony is so, so post-irony and post caring. Just look at Colbert posturing like the new Mussolini as his audience half-ironically, half with what passes for sincerity in their fame addled brains, chant his name and stroke his ego. Sure he’s clever…. That’s not the point. As you’ve quoted me, “I’m way over clever….”

      Qui bono? Sumner Redstone, and the media, and its owners. Oh, and don’t forget Doritos™ and Mountain Dew™.

      “Too soon?” No, “Too late” for chuckles over mass-destruction.

      I’m not piling this on you. Thanks for the comment! Thanks for the quote, as always.

      Those Russians, sure know there way around the hard truths.


    1. According to Wikipedia he was! I was misinformed! See what I mean about a Crisis of Expertise. I counted on a professor – er that’s you Dwight Towers!


  1. Yesterday a friend sent me a link that relates to this. Well worth the time to watch and share. Part of the HOMEProject:

    It looks like you will have to cut and paste, but it is worth the effort.


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