“How’s that job search coming along?” Seemed like a simple enough question!

“The point is, it’s gettin’ easier to see that the set-up’s crazy not us. Well, we’re crazy too, can’t help it, born & raised in this happy-horseshit dreamin’-of-the stars! Hollywood or Rigel III, all part of the same Fundamentalist Belief System.”… Continue reading “How’s that job search coming along?” Seemed like a simple enough question!


Dialogue is an opportunity to proceed as climbers do. We are tied together and are able to alternately anchor each other as we move into precarious territory. We can rely on each other to warn us of dangers beyond our own views. Within dialogue we can go where it is impossible to go any other… Continue reading Conclusions


Pathologies surround us. The time for establishing a hygiene is before a crisis becomes acute. There is a window for this, as for everything. The system of latent belief, habitual preoccupations, and elaborate denial mechanisms that allow us to stagger through our days, propping us up, will at some point in the ongoing collapse cease… Continue reading Hygiene

Double Binds

In a life of double-binds there are no useful “answers,” because every way “out” leads to another barrier. We are shocked by this. We spend all of our energies trying to avoid this truth. We will do anything to get out. At some point, if we’re lucky, we come to realize there is no way out, but death or insanity. The choice then narrows to a decision to succumb or accept what is.… Continue reading Double Binds


In a recent mini-blog post Seth Godin makes the following observation: Enormity Enormity doesn’t mean really enormous. It means incredibly horrible. 
The problem with enormity in marketing is that it doesn’t work. Enormity should pull at our heartstrings, but it usually shuts us down. Show us too many sick kids, unfair imprisonments or burned bodies… Continue reading Enormity