The Font

Creativity is a font, an artesian spring.  Flow is what matters, that’s the satisfying thing.  As with any flow, there is no end-product.  A flow’s ability to support us through time is what matters.  Any given output, once it’s moment has passed, once it has quenched our thirst, or even better, a thirst within aContinue reading “The Font”

Introduction to Shoal Hope

Introduction to Shoal Hope Last night I watched Bill Moyers delve into a chapter of his own history that has been central to the shaping of all our histories.  He went through Lyndon Johnson’s Oval Office tapes as if through a scrapbook of his own youth.  In it he found snapshots of what it wasContinue reading “Introduction to Shoal Hope”

On Creativity

Continuing on this series of posts around the “Origins of Originality” here is another piece that has been ripening for a while.  On re-reading John Berger last spring, I was taken not only by the character of his writing and its appropriateness to our time, but enamored of his titles, On Visibility, for example.  ThisContinue reading “On Creativity”

Lilac Blossoms

A friend has asked me to meditate on an interesting question, well phrased, “What is the origin of originality?” As I prepare to look into this question with all its implications presented afresh by the inclusion of origin within originality opening up fresh avenues of inquiry, I’m led to go back over pieces I’ve workedContinue reading “Lilac Blossoms”

Virtue or Vice?

Yet another headline on “Why we beat the Neanderthals!”  It reflexively followed the common assumption behind most people’s view of evolution, especially human evolution – even from those who claim to fully “buy-in” to Darwin’s implications.  – They all still seem to see evolutionary success as a way for good to be rewarded.  They mayContinue reading “Virtue or Vice?”

Response to Mark Gordon’s, To Undo the Folded Lie…

Mark Gordon, in his most recent post at chose to point to the anniversary of the start of WWII.  He invoked Auden’s poem, September 1, 1939. My response: So fitting to mark this anniversary.  There is something about early September that has always held portents, at least in my lifetime…. I tend to focusContinue reading “Response to Mark Gordon’s, To Undo the Folded Lie…”


From this: The Forum To this: The “Wall of Desperation” I remember visiting Conimbriga as a child. I returned as a young man with a bride. Then again, much later, with a spouse. Conimbriga is a symbol of the reach of empire, the power of a center basking under a broad hegemon, extending across aContinue reading “Conimbriga”

The Age of Wishfulness

The Age of Wishfulness is winding down. The genii is running out of oil. Necessity approaching, as the power of oil to hold it at bay loses force. This is both a great tragedy, and a great opportunity, though not in the knee-jerk positivist way we have grown accustomed to finding Silver Linings behind everyContinue reading “The Age of Wishfulness”