“Success to the Successful”

A long, protracted, distracted, and haphazard conversation begins within us with this realization. We return to our deepest core instinct, the one that asks us to listen to the quietest voice, the weakest signals, because they are most likely to point out the greatest danger. That same voice of the little child who first had to navigate a dangerous world unaided. This voice tells us in its annoying, insistently feeble whisper to listen to this objection to the validity of capturing control, wresting it from the incompetents, and “making some progress for a change!” The loud voices, spurred on by the grand emotions – if not simply out of fear – beginning with the ones inside us, the ones tired of seeing us off-kilter and under expressed, insist that efficacy is still the standard. Control should go to the ones who have the insight. Our frustration grows, willing us to cut this knot and get on with it!