There Is a Gulf Between Foraging and Mining

There is a gulf between two attitudes and ways of working that can be described by looking at the distance between foraging and mining.

When we forage we gather what we need. We also limit our effort. If a spot is too resistant to our efforts; if what we’re after is scarce; we move on. There’s a mutuality at work here. Our effort is adjusted to improve its returns, but not in the way we might expect, coming from a mining culture. The harder it gets the more likely we are to move on, not double-down. What we own is our time, our energy; not a particular place.

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Out of the Depth of Our Numbness

Once we begin to recognize what it feels like to be alive it can still be a shock to acknowledge how much of our lives is spent in circumstances that are dead and threaten to engulf us once again in the numbness we’ve just begun to leave behind. But, if we fail to let this realization sink in; if we fail to mourn and take-in the pain, work our way though the regret and anger these recognitions bring to light; we risk falling back into a condition of moving through our lives undead.

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By the time…

By the time we add in the complications and machinations of media it is damn impossible to know what is going on.

Some call it Marketing 3.0….

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long term effects of emotional abuse:

  • a distrust in your perceptions
  • a tendency to be fearful or on guard
  • self-consciousness or fear of how you are coming across
  • an inability to be spontaneous
  • a distrust of people and in future relationships
  • anger that bursts out unexpectedly
  • sensitivity to anyone trying to control you

This list appeared in my Tumblr feed. The link to its poster went no-where….

So thanks to the gods of the web.

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“Never Forget!” A recipe for psychosis

Today is an anniversary. A day we have been entreated for fourteen years now to never forget. An insistent cry that was already there, ready-made from previous assaults on American Exceptionalism. A vehemence that has had little to do with remembering the loss of life and everything to do with justifying aggression.

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