This Means War!

Rufus T. Firefly scuttling center stage to make his pronouncement….

There’s always a hidden glee behind the crowd’s reaction. “Before, I had to hold it together. Now? I can let go. A free pass. No resort is too extreme. We’re at war.”

The next stage is the rush to, “Get in the fight!”

After all, “It’ll be over by Christmas.”

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Peeling away layers of Ego I found anger and disappointment blocking the way to compassion. There’s another block hiding beneath them, contempt.

We see it all around us. This is a society choking on contempt. Every faction and group is held together by the contempt in which it holds the rest.

The path to anger, to disappointment, to hatred passes through contempt it seems.

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There is a pressure on every interaction we have. A push. Sometimes an impatience to get to a result. Sometimes a leeriness that we are being manipulated. Sometimes a form of disappointment in advance, an expectation that things will not go well.

Taken together we might call the result anxiety. Meta-worry another cause to add another layer, we worry about being anxious….

We resist exposure to what we don’t want to see, to hear.

“There’s enough violence!” We might cry. Why expose ourselves to more?

Is it exposure to violence – in the sense of being in the presence of violence, taking part, being victim or victimizer, complicity? Or is it an awareness of our immersion in violence – violence that is at once ubiquitous and also quite specific in origin and intent? Which of these are we resisting, violence or an awareness that shines a light on our complicity that we fear?

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Coherence is not reasonable.

This statement demands clarification. Coherence it is not a synonym for reason, reasoned, reasonable.

Neither is incoherence: unreason, unreasonable, unreasoned.

The key to understanding coherence lies at the root of these distinctions.

I’ve found this talk given by Anthony McCann valuable in illuminating this distinction. Anthony uses language centered around what he calls Gentleness. His approach, tangential to the one I’ve been following, opens us to wider insights than might be found by just remaining in a Krishnamurti/Bohmian perspective.

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Being Stuck

Déjà Vu is a common experience for those stuck in abusive situations. We find that the current crisis looks much like the last. No amount of feigned surprise, or pronounced insistence from the abusers that, “This time is different!” can shake the feeling we’ve been here before.

And, most likely, we’ll be here again. If we survive long enough.

The “world stage” continues to present the same sort of experience. The same failures of vision, lack of wisdom, and doubling down with failed strategies; present themselves again and again. The only changes are the constant increase in latent damage and a sense that each missed opportunity will see things ultimately even worse than they might have been.

Of course, this level of awareness does not bring any change. It is, in fact, part of the mechanism that maintains the status quo. The drama of blind power and sighted victims is central to how the process unfolds. It is part, perhaps the central part, of the rituals of a certain faith.

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