Between Posts…

Here is a post I strongly urge you to read. The Stades Last Stand. One of the forces affecting what gets written here is my sense of the need for something to be written. If something is not being said, then let me take a stab at it. But when others write eloquently on aContinue reading “Between Posts…”

Futility, the chasm between efficiency and effectiveness

In the tension between our immersion in the fabric of being and the atomized self’s struggle to achieve a stasis, a utopia, not of richness, but an illusory concretion of wealth, in which we wish to stop without falling; we define the human condition. The workings of consciousness are so easily misunderstood as signs of separateness from the rest as epitomized in Cogito Ergo Sum. Yet consciousness, our phenomenological embededness in experience is the only window we have through which to glimpse an awareness of our integration into greater systems and structures.

Capitalism & Linearity

Capitalism operates under a set of Linear Principles based on the Balance Sheet. This is an extreme reduction of complex interactions. The Balance Sheet assumes that whatever is unknown, or beyond the tangible self-interest of its controlling parties, may be simply left out of consideration. Only what they have found to be of value isContinue reading “Capitalism & Linearity”