Cross-Post from Antonio Dias, Attending Quality

Attending Quality You see, if Quality is obvious, what need is there for persuasion? Let that sink in. Look at any example of persuasion, any explanation, any form of consensus building. They are all attempts, like in The Wizard of Oz, for the Man-behind-the-curtain to get us to look the other way.  

Ignorance Wrapped in Knowing. Belief Lacking Compassion.

…no matter how noble the system would be. A mind that has been trained only to know facts, is simply unable to deal with Life in all its diversity, with its subtleties, with its depths and heights. Krishnamurti Thanks to Julien Matei for this quotation. We suffer under ignorance wrapped in knowing. Belief lacking compassion. The tools of the enlightenment destroying any potential for useful… Continue reading Ignorance Wrapped in Knowing. Belief Lacking Compassion.

Coherence is Provisional

Ideology works through the process of consensus. Someone's ideas gain followers and a movement is born to support these ideals and find ways to garner wider support; either through negotiated agreement or through some form of overt or covert coercion. Some movements gain broad support. Others limp along, held in high regard by a few… Continue reading Coherence is Provisional

It’s All Holographic, Stupid!

This phrase just popped into my head after reading Alex Fradera's post on an event he led at Atlantic College recently. To be clear, and fair to Alex, it's not directed at him! I'm not even quite sure what it means, that's what sitting down to write this is for. It just seemed a nice… Continue reading It’s All Holographic, Stupid!