Digested by the Spectacle

Once again violence breaks the surface in a way that brings it home even to those of us far removed from the incident. The shootings in Tuscon have joined the list of assassinations that have punctuated my life time. In all that time I can think of only two “Right Wing” victims, – George WallaceContinue reading “Digested by the Spectacle”

The Rich Get Richer…

We all know the old saying. I just ran across it on a new, to me, site: The King James Subversion. What seems to be so hard for anyone to accept is that it is no longer true. Let’s say first of all, that it never was really true in the sense that “rich” asContinue reading “The Rich Get Richer…”

Three Posts on Fine Lines

We tap out our signals and we listen for a response. That is the fundamental preparatory act of community. Let’s not forget that in the end any viable communities will be local once again. This is a stop-gap, not a goal. Unless this effort brings us real connections within the scan of our physical horizons it will in large part have been just another exercise in futility. Our own communities will not be brought to us, they must be carved out of the wreckage that surrounds us. Urgency and patience are both open to abuse. As our circumstances tighten around us there is a danger in relying too much on one or the other. We need both. The beauty of our internal faculties is that this is the one and only realm beyond limitations outside of those we impose on ourselves. We tend to forget that even as we continue to insist that the outer physical world is infinite and able to stretch or contort to our wills. Letting go of that murderous assumption requires us to pick up a belief in the resilience of our spirit.

The Trouble with Movements

The student protests in Britain have captured our imaginations. It’s been a long time since a movement of social protest has occurred in the West. Many of us hunger for the imagery and the projected trajectory such events seem to prophecy. As soon as the conversation moves beyond the righteousness of the calls to rejectContinue reading “The Trouble with Movements”

It’s not fair! It’s too everything!

In this case these are geneticists and they are reacting to findings that inheritance isn’t as simple as they’d wished it to be. The genome isn’t a set of instructions, a simple algorithm that leads to a predestined result, that can be predicted and manipulated at will if you own the shiny equipment paid for by people made ill with the diseases brought on by a culture that puts everything in the world into making shiny equipment.

Happy Christmas!

It’s so easy to go tactical. The bad guys raise fees, or start a war, or maintain an increasingly oppressive oligarchic state hell-bent on ecocidal destruction. So in response we decry their deeds and we protest and we get Kettled for our troubles or marched off to Camp Freedom somewhere.

Beginner’s Mind

Maybe there is a simple way to state this difference? These toxic dynamics pit the will-to-control against life’s uncertainty. In the name of “eradicating” uncertainty they permit an escalating violence against all life. They act out a systematic program with an ever-widening scope of destruction “in our name.” They are locked within an Ego delusion of accelerating urgency to provide permission for their ill-considered but overly elaborated “plans.” What is missing, what is aggressively stripped from their equations, is any genuine compassion.

a Presentation placing Economics in context

New Economy, New Wealth This post breaks with the usual pattern here. Instead of a stand-alone essay, this link. Instead of vaporous ruminations, a direct series of statements. Instead of private musings, someone else’s charts and graphs. Two main reasons for this: motive and opportunity. I’ve been focusing on my new project, Boats for DifficultContinue reading “a Presentation placing Economics in context”

A Shared Foundation of Experience

It seems crazy to be thinking about boats at a time like this. Not just with winter closing in, but within this climate of growing uncertainty as the imminence of collapse emerges into our everyday lives. The old patterns don’t work, and whether we are upset by this, or inwardly glad to see cracks inContinue reading “A Shared Foundation of Experience”

And now they govern…

The “inevitability” felt in such times grows out of an allegiance to system itself, over an above self-interest, even the instinct for survival. This trait is held up as a laudable example. This is what creates “heroes” and allows us to fight for “higher” purposes. We all see through this when an adversary claims this authority, but mostly we fall for it when it comes from “our side.”

A Scary Story for Halloween and the Mid-term Elections

We’ve come full circle. The biannual cycle of Halloween scary stories ending not in All-Souls day, but the Ash Wednesday that follows Election Day, when we wake up to the blessed reconsecration of Business as Usual. Let’s not fret. Let’s be sure to maintain our side of the bargain, after all they’re doing it all for our own good, we should be Thankful.

Probing Intention

Intention, Will… How do we untangle intention from willfulness? How do we untangle will from the desire to control? How do we avoid hubris while promoting an active humility that searches out ways and means to embody intention? And so it goes, around and around.