Complicity and Contingency

We live somewhere in tension between complicity and contingency. It’s not a linear polarity, this space. These are not categories with any sort of rough equivalency.

Complicity is a state. We are within a relationship to the forces that seek to destroy. Some of these we are aware of, others are hidden from us, some through lack of knowledge, but mostly through our anesthetized inability to feel the violence inherent in almost everything surrounding us in our modern world. We surrender to the ubiquity and to the sullied sense of guilt that should be a passing warning phase of leaving a state of honest relations, entering the edges of some slippery slope. Since we are immersed and surrounded by cause for this feeling we cannot take it as a simple warning, like the discomfort that precedes the pain of a burn if we fail to flinch away from a flame. The fires are all around us.

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