Chasing Coherence

What if we remain incoherent when we seek to establish a coherent state? State, a powerful term, one with many resonances. None of them too good…. A coherent condition? Again, the notion of coherence seems opposed to conditioning. How do we then establish a condition of coherence? Then again, how does any of this leave… Continue reading Chasing Coherence

“…selfishness is as innocent as blood flowing from a wound.”*

*The Epiphany of No Purpose accidental self-deceptions hiding under conscious, surface deceptions; Jeff Shampnois Craft, Story, and Ritual Change occurs in spite of a wholehearted effort to do things the same way as before. Antonio Dias Absences What now? Now nothing. Jeppe Dyrendom Graugaard   These three essays circle about the same place. A space… Continue reading “…selfishness is as innocent as blood flowing from a wound.”*

What is missing…

The change of the seasons is so powerful…. It is disorienting…. We tend to view this as a collapse of whatever momentum we had developed over the months spent within a circle of similarity that allows us to feel a kind of certainty building. Yes, even for those of us talking endlessly about the pitfalls of… Continue reading What is missing…

“Now the wind exceeding the sail is beautiful.”

Jeff Shampnois wrote the following as a response to "It's not a process." My comments are interleaved within… You rang my tuning fork with this. We seem to enter the territory beyond the precipice through a natural negation, a letting go of conclusions, of static structures. Maybe that wind dismantling the meaning of words is… Continue reading “Now the wind exceeding the sail is beautiful.”