Is Wild Willful?

Is wild willful? This question came to mind reading this essay. Is it willful in the same sense as we know wilfulness to mean acting out however we please? I don’t know. I don’t think so. We used to talk about acting out of our “natures.” This seems closer, though whenever we turn to thatContinue reading “Is Wild Willful?”

A Cross-post from Fine Lines

Craft is Technique with Context Craft, like Art, has been in exile for a long time, put in a ghetto where it’s been held at the mercy of wealth. In a way I suppose we should be grateful, they might have disappeared entirely without patronage; but on the other hand, if it hadn’t been for theContinue reading “A Cross-post from Fine Lines”


Perhaps the problem only arises when the beliefs support a decadent system? It’s paradoxical in itself that our urge to be pragmatic, to efficiency, becomes the vehicle of collapse. We tend to think that we are clever about gauging practicality; but when our cultural frame’s answers cease to provide results, we continue to hold them out of our conviction that they are rooted in pragmatism.