The fantasy of control

So long as we keep expecting that what funnels through public discourse are choices that lead to results we are stuck in the nightmare fantasy of control. Brexit. Trump versus Clinton. All of the day's public questions are mired in manipulations. We remain complicit so long as we feel we must make the choice our… Continue reading The fantasy of control

How do we integrate in the face of bad faith?

This title is not rhetorical. How do we? Looking for the salient points that define this present moment what strikes me is a profound surrender to events. The kind of thing we've seen in hindsight at the beginnings of cataclysmic wars. Everyone "losing their minds" and accepting that the only way left open to them… Continue reading How do we integrate in the face of bad faith?

Political Theater

Policing the norms The dynamic in a dysfunctional family maintains itself through elaborate procedures that perpetuate their norm by maintaining a mythology that celebrates the systemic abuse that holds it together. The ongoing dramatizations of these myths maintain their power. Each member has a role to play. And, so long as we remain enthralled by… Continue reading Political Theater

Political Failure, a Clarification

There's a critical piece missing from the last post. That is, what does political failure entail? If we look at it from within the assumptions of "the game," the conclusion that what is needed and inevitable is a grand failure will be misunderstood. Saying that any one leader, any one party should fail, is just… Continue reading Political Failure, a Clarification