Isolation, Cross-post from Concentric Dialogue

One of the great killers, leading beyond mere death into extinction, has been the fragmentation of biological communities. Our networks of communication and trade have cut through its living fabric, reducing undisturbed remnants into scattered scraps too small to maintain abundance and diversity. A death by a thousand cuts. Not as dramatic as harpooning whalesContinue reading “Isolation, Cross-post from Concentric Dialogue”

Cross post from Antonio Dias, Reflections on the Dark Mountain

I went to the Dark Mountain, the home of Uncivilization, and found a living culture. I didn’t know that’s what I would find, my hopes tied up and caught up in theoretical frameworks positing the likelihood of just such a thing. The flimsiness of my previous scope of interaction having been overcompensated by mental calculationsContinue reading “Cross post from Antonio Dias, Reflections on the Dark Mountain”