A Turbulent Stream

This post grew in response to a conversation over at Leaving Babylon around questions of planning.

We imagine ourselves on stable ground, or fear that we are otherwise in a chaotic jumble. We are within dynamic flows. These take place around us and within us and can be thought of as motions upon morphic fields that affect and shape our perceptions, our judgements, our actions. Perhaps the most fundamental flaw behind our notions of planning is this misunderstanding where we stand. Let’s take globalization as an example. We are each of us in a different part of this great stream that has swept through the world. Parts of its flow are yet still, in those rare outposts where it has not yet taken hold. Parts are in full flood and other parts of its flow are reversed in counter eddies.

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Plans, Projections & Masks

This post is a bit of a departure from my common practice. It is left as a lightly edited transcription of a meditation of a few hours duration from a few days ago. It was written as each phrase or sentence or paragraph came to my attention as I let go of any attempt to direct my thoughts other than to stay attuned and capture what arrived. At times these thoughts came quickly. Other times, minutes, many minutes might pass between one fragment and the next.

I’ve begun pieces this way before, but usually these are just the kernel of longer elaborated essays completed over a number of drafts with many of the “spaces” “filled in.”

What if one were left “as is?”


Plans are a form of mask.

A map is a mask.

We put on a plan the way we put on a mask. Both are opportunities for projection. In both cases we are insisting on a lie. Insisting that we, and others, accept a projection as if it were true.

Working with literal masks, acting, theatrical performance; remove the transparency afforded our common projections and in so doing extend our awareness of masks and their effects.

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Planning, Superimposition & Palimpsest

How Double Binds Cease and Planning Disappears as We Expose Ourselves to Our Morphic Fields.

This title came to me yesterday. It’s quite a mouthful!

The time has now stretched out to over a week!

Vera’s comment on the last post,

And then, the decisions are turned into a plan. Argh.

is reflected in it. As are unformed hunches regarding a series of terms that stand in for concerns and issues of longstanding for me.

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