Nothing exists solely to fulfill a single purpose or to take a singular role in a single process. How can I realize that the “answer” is not to remake the world in my image, that no singular image of what the world “should” be is either possible or beneficial? If these are true, then whatContinue reading “Resistance”

What does it mean?

Tying our existence to a belief in destruction as the ultimate good is such a contorted position to be in! How we got here, what it means, where it will all lead; these are also questions whose answers appear in glimmers and hints, passing doubts, premonitions and inklings of what is down there, at least as it all appears from “up here.”

Between Knowing and Understanding

Is there a space between knowing and understanding? Not if we equate understanding with the power to control. “We understand.” That was the last message tapped out on the cold steel of the pressure hull of the submarine S-4 off Wood End. * He’d never heard them speak, just had secondhand accounts, by way ofContinue reading “Between Knowing and Understanding”

Menacingly In Green Depths

This is an example of a dive we all need to take, to get past our terrified aversion to look at what’s going on around us and begin to take in what’s at stake.I’m devoting my energies to finding how to do this without our being crushed by the pressure. I want to help find ways to combat the “Bends ” that threaten us as we try to come up from these deep dives. There is a space between blissful ignorance and bottomless despair. In this space we can make a life, even in the face of such enormity.