Too Much, too little

I keep running into a single question whenever I consider what might be done. I must admit the question is holographic, its form mirrors its content. It is at once achingly simple and bewilderingly complex. Evidence of its necessity surrounds us and at the same time this question never seems to arise. It’s a question… Continue reading Too Much, too little

On Isolation

Isolation. I wrote about it here. * Lewis Lapham has had a seminal influence on me. he's always been a writer pursuing what lies beyond the superficial. I read Harper's religiously when I was young, amazed at how anyone could see so clearly, write so well…. His recent remarks remind us of the birth of… Continue reading On Isolation

How do we integrate in the face of bad faith?

This title is not rhetorical. How do we? Looking for the salient points that define this present moment what strikes me is a profound surrender to events. The kind of thing we've seen in hindsight at the beginnings of cataclysmic wars. Everyone "losing their minds" and accepting that the only way left open to them… Continue reading How do we integrate in the face of bad faith?

“…selfishness is as innocent as blood flowing from a wound.”*

*The Epiphany of No Purpose accidental self-deceptions hiding under conscious, surface deceptions; Jeff Shampnois Craft, Story, and Ritual Change occurs in spite of a wholehearted effort to do things the same way as before. Antonio Dias Absences What now? Now nothing. Jeppe Dyrendom Graugaard   These three essays circle about the same place. A space… Continue reading “…selfishness is as innocent as blood flowing from a wound.”*