Drawn to Create

Drawing has a series of definitions. We tend to think of drawing as a form of representation or even simply a notation. It is also a physical act. Not only does the artist draw a line. The archer draws a bow and a blacksmith draws metal.

Let’s look into this kind of drawing. It forms the basis for our sense of “drawing out” an idea or a story or a train of thought.

But, this form of drawing is the most direct and non-metaphoric. It is not only physical, but hot and dangerous.

In this it draws us to a core.

The act of drawing out hot, plastic metal into the shape of some thing held in the mind of its maker is complete: A relation between maker and material. Between intention and realization. Between implicit and explicit.

It relies on a mastery of the actions, materials, and one’s capacities to act and respond with nuance and immediacy.

It’s easy to collapse what’s involved into what we call a technology. It is not technology. It is at the heart of Craft.


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